Sfat Am – שפת עם

If you can read and understand the ad below – then you are at an adequate level to be accepted to שפת עם

Sfat AM – שפת עם

The International Beit Midrash On Hebrew – In Hebrew

Led by Melitz

Melitz sent out a Call announcing the establishment of an international study group of Hebrew educators on Hebrew language education and on ways to bring the Hebrew language to the center stage of Jewish life in Jewish communities around the world.The study group will include educators from around the Jewish worldIts objectives are:

  • To create a direct connection between participants in the use of the Hebrew language
  • To increase the circle of Hebrew speakers
  • To bring together educators who speak and love the Hebrew language throughout the Jewish world
  • To examine new ways to bring the Hebrew language closer to the Jewish people
  • To place Hebrew a more relevant and meaningful place in Jewish life

“Sfat Am –שפת עם ” is not about learning to speak Hebrew correctly or how to teach Hebrew correctly. Here in the group of participants will learn and converse in Hebrew according to their level, at “Sfat Am – שפת עם” you are allowed and Asked to feel comfortable in making a mistake, the main thing is that you love the Hebrew language and it is meaningful for you.

Educators from across the Jewish world will meet for a joint study session in Hebrew, on a variety of topics related to Jewish communities in particular and to the Jewish world as a whole.

The program will last about a year at this stage and will begin in March 2019.

The group meetings will take place on Sundays at 9:00 PM Israel time. Each session at the “Sfat Am” Beit Midrash will take about 2 hours. The study will be conducted using a video call system once a month or so.

Requirements for joining the program:

  • Hebrew speakers from all over the Jewish world do not only speak Hebrew as their mother tongue
  • Hebrew language proficiency at the level of possibility of learning in the past
  • Background in community, education – formal or informal, etc.

If you would like to receive additional information and become part of “Sfat Am – שפת עם”

please write to: ivrit@melitz.org