Melitz Radio – in the making

The radio station that broadcasts Jewish Peoplehood and contemporary Jewishness – In Hebrew (easy)

Melitz Radio is an international Jewish platform that creates the connection, belonging, and joint action of Jews around the world.

The radio will provide a broadcast platform, as well as a platform on social networks for communities, schools, institutions and other bodies from around the Jewish world.

At this Radio Station, all of these frameworks can create connections, expose their work, develop joint projects, broadcast together or separately, the possibilities are many and varied.

The broadcasts will be mostly in easy Hebrew and in English, and some additional languages ​​that will allow the connections to take place

Melitz Radio is non-political and non-religious radio. Radio Melitz is the voice for People who are interested in being a part of Jewish Peoplehood and want to bring their voice to the fore in the language of Internet radio, podcasts and the like

We invite you to be part of Melitz Radio Station!

For more information on Melitz Radio, please write to :