About Melitzei Ivrit – Pilot Program

Melitzei – Ivrit (Hebrew Advocats) – Program – Pilot

Ensure the continued existence of a significant Jewish people by advocating Hebrew

The ultimate goal of the Melitz – Ivrit program is to bring about a change in its rightful place of the Hebrew language, in Jewish life in North America

Melitz & Hebrew at the Center propose to start a joint pilot program with a team of Hebrew Change Agents – Melitzei Ivrit at its center. The group will consist of about 8-10 participants from different backgrounds and from various educational & Community frameworks who are activists with a sense of mission and a desire to bring about change. Melitzei Ivrit who see the Hebrew language as a significant component of their identity, who believe that the use of language is the basis of today’s Jewish life. And are eager to take their part in the “Hebrew Revolution”, advocating Hebrew back home.

Background – 

The pilot is based on the basic understanding that the Hebrew language is an opportunity. Hebrew enables a sense of unity and the ability for one to enjoy, connect, and be a part of a culture. If the today’s number one mission of the Jewish people is to ensure the continued existence of a significant Jewish people, we believe that strengthening and increasing the use of the Hebrew language in the Jewish world is one of the basic steps in the fulfillment of the mission.

As of today, the field of teaching Hebrew as a second language in the Jewish world is not lacking in possibilities and has a wide range of learning materials, pedagogy and teaching methods. There are places where these tools and educational approaches enable a true connection to Judaism, and there are places that do not. We should not think that the success or failure of one place would be such in another, it is important to create solutions that fit the challenges wherever it is needed. To do this we need to think outside the box, examine basic assumptions and get help and take advantage of everything possible. We recognizes the need to strengthen education and educators to empower the teacher as a leading educational figure with a passion and love. Hebrew must be relevant to one’s life in order to achieve their goal in building Jewish Identity. We need to find ways to instill the use of Hebrew in all educational and community frameworks and get to know the specific needs of each framework to make it work.

Melitz  Ivrit

“Melitz Ivrit” is a mediator that enables the Hebrew language to be present in a significant and everyday way at school and in the world, which surrounds the school, at home and in the community. As a group, Melitzei Ivrit, will meet regularly and undergo a guided process, a sharing framework that will enable mutual acquaintance of the educational challenges of their group mates. The group will undergo a process of empowerment and characterization of each participant’s specific needs, identification of advantages and barriers, and will strive to create a personal vision that will be expressed in the implementation of each framework. The initial pilot framework is a practical educational discourse in a group setting. We are not talking about an academic or teaching workshop, we ask to take action and make change.  The pilot will serve as a basis for renewed educational discourse as an important part of shaping up-to-date Jewish education and a source of inspiration.

The plan is to open the first Melitzei Ivrit pilot group in the first months of 2019